Steelgate Global
ALERT! We now have encryption for Windows 8

We have developed a special program to help independent broker-dealers meet industry and government regulations requiring data protection through encryption.

Not a techie? Don't worry! We include complimentary installation assistance with our program.

Are you replacing another encryption solution? There is no charge to help you uninstall the other software.

Our offering is the industries' most comprehensive package of encryption software and support, including:
  • Full Disk Encryption
    • Live transparent encryption of your internal hard drives
    •  Machine is fully usable during encryption
  •  Removable Media Encryption
    • Encrypts USB Thumb Drives, SD Flash Cards and USB Connected Backup Disk Drives
  •  Encrypted Media Viewer for Third-Party PCs
    •  Allows you to access encrypted media at home or another third-party PC
  • Toll Free 855 Number Onshore Help Desk Support
    • 855 STEELGATE (783-3542) extension 2 for Support
  • Single Sign-on
    • Your Windows credentials - username & password - become your Steelgate credentials; Power on your machine, Sign in to Steelgate and you are automatically signed in to Windows 
  • LiveRecovery
    •  If you should accidentally lock yourself out of your machine by, for example, forgetting your password, our LiveRecovery service can provide a one-time password to unlock your machine
  • Free PC to PC License Transfer
    • If you upgrade or replace your PC your encryption software license can be transferred to the new PC at no charge
  • Free Upgrades
    • If the encryption software changes and new features are added or new Windows editions are supported, you are eligible to upgrade to the latest version of the software at no charge
  • Lost & Found Support
    • Every time your machine is powered on our screen is displayed with our company name and toll free 855 number contact details; If your machine is lost or stolen, and we are contacted, we will help you to recover your machine
 Please call toll free 855-STEELGATE (783-3542) extension 1, for more information or a quote.